Event: ONA15
Location: Hyatt Regency Century Plaza
2025 Avenue of the Stars, Los Angeles, CA 90067
Dates: Sept 24-26, 2015

Hyatt Regency Century Plaza facility layout is available here.
Hyatt Regency Century Plaza room capacity chart is available here.


The Online News Association seeks to award an annual agreement for its General Services Contract for the ONA15 Conference & Awards Banquet.

Organizational Background

ONA is a nonprofit association of digital journalists, a leader in the rapidly changing world of journalism; a catalyst for innovation in storytelling across all platforms; a resource for journalists seeking guidance and growth, and a champion of best practices through training, awards and community outreach.

Conference History

The ONA Conference & Awards Banquet has grown to be the premier gathering of highly engaged digital journalists who are shaping the future of media. Record-breaking numbers of journalists travel to ONA’s conference each year to learn about new tools, techniques and technologies, to discuss advancements and challenges in the industry, take advantage of the rare opportunity to network face-to-face, and share best practices with peers from all over the map.

ONA15 will have approximately 80 exhibitors, 2,000 attendees and 100 educational sessions.  Exhibiting organizations range from legacy media companies (Reuters, AP, Gannett) to technology/platforms for digital media, start-ups and organizations for training, and academic institutions.

We do three major types of on-site sponsor/exhibitors:

  • traditional exhibit spaces (10×10 and 10×20 with backdrops, tables/chairs and sometimes small builds)
  • a Midway space of smaller exhibits mixed in with interactive lounges/demo/work stations and A/V space, ranging from:
    • Sandbox: 6X5, table & chairs ONLY
    • Salon: 10X10
    • Booth: 15X15
    • Co-patron: 20×20
    • Lounge: 24X16
      and larger sponsored area such as lounges and coffee/snack stations
    • 15×15
  • and larger sponsored area such as lounges and coffee/snack stations

The Midway, while logistically considered an exhibit space, is actually closer to programming for ONA.

Participants will be shipping some materials for their booths in advance, and we will also be receiving shipments from about 40 firms with attendee bag items.


Deadline Date for Responses:  March 27, 2015
Expected Decision Date: May 11, 2015
Submit responses to irving@journalists.org

Format of Your Proposal

  • An introductory statement which reflects your understanding of this project.
  • A statement detailing the availability of services and fees that will be in effect during ONA event. Expenses related to the preparation and completion of a response to this RFP is the sole responsibility of the bidder.
  • Each RFP must include the information requested in numerical order listed under the Scope of Service section.  Feel free to expand upon on any answer.
  • A list of not fewer than three (3) professional references; customers of similar size who have used your services within the last year.
  • Capacity and credentials of your organization, including relevant experience in similar roles.
  • A sample exhibitor kit with prices.

NOTE: It is highly recommended that bidders submit samples of graphic renderings or photographs of key areas: registration, cyber cafes, signage – anything that will show the creative aspects of your designers.


Proposals will be evaluated according to the following criteria:

  • Responsiveness to the items listed in the RFP
  • Capability of the service provider
  • Credentials of the service provider

Contract Contact Information

Irving Washington, Deputy Director
Email: irving@journalists.org

Jessica Strelitz, Senior Manager for Strategic Partnerships
Email: jessica@journalists.org


Day/Date Show Hours Show Hours Show Hours
Wednesday, Sept 23 Exhibitor/Midway Move-in Open 9 a.m. Close 5 p.m.
Thursday, Sept 24 Move in 7-9 a.m. Open 9:30 a.m. Close 4 p.m.
Friday, Sept 25 Open 9 a.m. Close 4 p.m.
Saturday, Sept 26 Open 9 a.m. Close 2 p.m.


Registration & Help Desk: The registration team prefers to set-up on Tuesday. In 2014, we opened registration on Wednesday evening and would like to continue that for 2015. The Help Desk is a separate area registration directs attendees to help with general conference questions such as locations, programming, etc.

Wednesday, 4 – 7 p.m.
Thursday, 7:30 a.m. – 7 p.m.
Friday,  8 a.m. – 5 p.m.
Saturday, 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Exhibitor Schedule:
Move-in Begin Date:  Sept. 23
Move-in End Date:  Sept. 24
Move-in Begin Time:  Sept. 23, 9 a.m. – 5 p.m; Sept. 24, 7-9 a.m.
Move-out Begin Date: Sept. 26
Move-out End Date:  Sept. 26
Move-out End Time: 2-5 p.m.
No. of exhibitors/sponsors: 80
Net SF exhibit/sponsor space: 15,000 (est)

Exhibitor Services

Exhibitor Assistance
Small build-outs, furniture beyond tables/chairs; carpeting, AV rental (flatscreens, monitors), electric

Exhibitor Pricing
10×10 – $5,000, 10×20’ – $8,500, table tops (range $500-4000), small lounges (12×12), $7.500-10,000

Floor Plans
10×20’ booths – 6; 10×10 booths — up to 30; table tops – up to 30; small lounges – up to 6

Service Center: TBD
Service Manual: TBD
Show management office: TBD

Exhibit/Midway Area
Banners: Requirements TBD
Booths: See above
Carpet: TBD
Cleaning: None
Electric: n/a
Hospitality Suites: n/a
Drape: TBD
Directional Signs: Requirements: TBD

Other Areas
Signage: Requirements: TBD
Wraps: Requirements: TBD
Sponsor Lounges: Furniture, electric, possible carpeting, A/V
Electrical: Requirements: TBD
Registration Desk: Requirements: TBD
Green Room: n/a
Show Office: Requirements: n/a
Student Newsroom: n/a


Exhibitors will order furniture directly through contractor. ONA will have limited furniture needs for staging and lounges.

Scope of Service

Please be sure to respond to each question explicitly when asked for information requested within this Request for Proposal. For purposes of submission, answer questions according to the numerical order listed below. Submissions not formatted correctly will not be considered. The submission of a boilerplate collateral piece will result in your bid being disregarded.


  1. How long has your company been in operation? Number of full-time employees.
  2. List the total number of shows currently produced as exclusive (not subcontracted).
  3. Describe the services your company offers as it relates to General Services equipment and support functions.
  4. Describe duties and roles of assigned staff/team AND the number of events concurrently assigned to them.
  5. Describe the number of graphics, CAD and production personnel (includes floorplan support) to be assigned and the number of events each team is concurrently assigned.
  6. Describe your worst experience with an event you produced and be specific as to the conditions, resolutions and outcomes.

Labor, pricing, and fees

  1. What is the minimum number of hours that are charged per person working (e.g., four-hour minimums)?
  2. Do you use union labor? Y/N. If No, indicate why and in what areas union labor is not used.
  3. If applicable, what is your company’s experience with the unions in the city where the event is being held?
  4. Provide union rules, regulations, jurisdictions, policies and procedures which apply. Include date union contract expires.
  5.  Describe offices or additional labor/support in the conference city?
  6. Indicate any special charges or fees that apply such as: account executive, coordinator, supervisor, and manager fees; delivery and pick-up fees, shipping and drayage fees and minimum order fees.
  7. Hourly rate for supervisors (indicate currency type).
  8. Provide complete labor, drayage, and equipment rate list to include labor rates. Labor rates should include the following considerations and definitions for each:
  •  straight, discount, overtime (indicate if OT rates are 1½, double time or a flat rate)
  •  show management rates
  •  Hourly parameters for each rate schedule
  •  Hourly rate for supervisors
  •  Indicate how overtime is calculated and when it begins and ends
  •  Describe the responsibilities of each supervisor
  •  If daily rate applies, specify the daily time parameters
  1. State if your company will provide complimentary equipment and services and be specific in the conditions that apply. Such as items that are not in stock and available, specialty items and labor support services.

Labor Comments:


  1. How many days prior to the first day of set-up will the company’s exhibitor services center accept orders and pre-show prices?
  2. Will orders taken during set-up of the event be delivered prior to event opening? Y/N
  3. Describe the company’s requirements for an exhibitor services area.
  4. Will the company’s exhibitor services area be staffed throughout the event? Y/N

Equipment & Services

  1. What services are provided directly by the company?
  2. Indicate any sub-contractors that are commonly employed by the company.
  3. ONA requires a statement that ONA and (Show Management) are not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged goods unless due to our negligence. Will you include this statement in your contract? Y/N
  4. Describe show management complimentary services, prices, and discounts for equipment and service.

Contractor Requirements

  1. Describe all requirements the company has regarding equipment storage rooms, communication, payment terms, etc.
  2. Insurance Coverage:
  3. Indicate the types and levels of insurance the company carries:
  • Errors & Omissions Insurance (indicate currency type):
  • Workers Compensation Insurance (indicate currency type):
  • Commercial Liability Insurance (indicate currency type):
  • Commercial Automobile Liability Insurance:
  • Other (indicate currency type):

Insurance Comments:

  1. Describe any particular features of your organization that have not been addressed or you would like to elaborate upon.


Provide three references for events similar in size and scope.

Reference 1

Event Name:
Event Start/End Date:
Event Type:
Event Host:
Contact Name:
Job Title:
Email Address:
Type(s) of services performed for the reference:

Reference 2

Event Name:
Event Start/End Date:
Event Type:
Event Host:
Contact Name:
Job Title:
Email Address:
Type(s) of services performed for the reference:

Reference 3

Event Name:
Event Start/End Date:
Event Type:
Event Host:
Contact Name:
Job Title:
Email Address:
Type(s) of services performed for the reference:

Supporting Efforts

Awarded contractor shall:

  • Provide all general contracting services requested within this Request for Proposal if awarded.
  • Supplement and enhance all equipment and accessories as well as, provide competent labor for installation, operation and dismantle.
  • Provide for changes or substitutions in equipment and services are expected should the requested items not be available. Requested equipment and services are in no way to be considered final.
  • Provide all equipment and setup/teardown services to show management at a discount. All bids must show labor rates and advance and on-site discounts/prices see Scope of Service section. The necessity for additional equipment as provided by contractor not be available.
  • Provide order forms for inclusion in the Exhibitor Manual. Order forms must state the show, show dates, advance and on-site order prices, and rates; and be approved prior to inclusion in the manual.
  • Cross renting of any equipment not in contractor inventory will be provided to show management at cost.
  • Provide post-show report within thirty days following the event. Reports should cover equipment usage of the Contractor’s services by the Online News Association, Exhibitors and Show Management.  Each report should cover: total sales, volume rented, location and type(s) of equipment used, total freight (specialty and crated), and labor. (A labor breakout needs to be included in the Show Management report and references the portion of labor attributed to locations i.e., meeting rooms 75%; registration 2% etc. Total man-hours for show management and exhibitors should be referenced.) Invoices should be submitted along with the Show Management report.
  • Designate a liaison to work directly with Show Management. The assigned team leader must be available for site visits, meetings, conference calls or travel related needs. All contractor personnel assigned to the show must be available during setup and teardown. While onsite, the assigned liaison must maintain contact with all contractor personnel, their central command post and show management contact.
  • Contractor is responsible for all travel related expenses including transportation, housing, meals or supplemental receipts.
  • Provide for contractor liaison to travel to planned cities for purposes of conducting site inspections, operations and logistics. Contractor shall be responsible for all travel related costs, air, car, meals, housing, taxes and incidentals.

Legal Information

If awarded, contractor shall:

  1. Maintain as proprietary and confidential all information concerning Online News Association and its affiliated groups including any intellectual or trademarked information. In addition, this Request for Proposal or any resulting contract shall not be copied, reprinted, quoted or in any way transmitted or displayed, except where required by law, without the written permission of the Online News Association.
  2. Obtain and maintain in force during performance of Contractor’s duties hereunder all required licenses, permits or governmental approvals to lawfully provide services.
  3. Be solely responsible for all fines, penalties, damages and/or judgments occasioned by Contractor’s violations of statutes, ordinances, rules and regulations and shall indemnify and hold the Online News Association harmless therefrom.
  4. Not be construed as a partner, employee or agent of Online News Association, nor shall either party have any authority to bind the other in any respect, it being intended that each shall remain an independent contractor responsible for its own actions. The Contractor shall have sole and exclusive control over the manner in which Contractor and its employees perform the services provided for and Contractor shall engage and employ such individuals as it may deem necessary to perform its duties, it being understood and agreed that such individuals shall be considered employees of Contractor only and shall be subject to employment, discharge, discipline and control solely and exclusively by Contractor, who shall indemnify and hold harmless the Online News Association for any claims or actions against Online News Association brought by Contractor’s employees.
  5. Contractor shall purchase and maintain in force at all times adequate public liability and property damage insurance with reliable insurance companies. Contractor agrees to indemnify and save harmless the Online News Association from any and all claims for death and injury to persons and loss or damage to property of any nature whatsoever that arise in connection with acts and omissions of Contractor in performance by Contractor of its contractual duties. In any event, such insurance shall be maintained in amounts of not less that the following:
  • Workers Compensation as required by law
  • Public Liability and Property Damage – comprehensive general liability in a combined single limit of $1,000,000
  • Certificates evidencing such insurance coverage accompanying Contractor’s proposal to provide service. Copies must be on file with Show Management within 60 days prior to setup.