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Remixing News For Inclusive Audiences

Remixing News 4 Inclusive Audiences fr WOC: safety 4 wmn online journos & parents as edu newsmakers make for bigger news audiences.

Analytics at Any Size

How do you measure the impact of your journalism when you're a small shop? Join our session to see how small orgs are leveraging big data.

I made you a mixtape – thoughts on building content forms for curation

This will be the year of the mixtape. Not quite the cassette tape you made your high school crush, but similar in sentiment.

Television’s Sacred Public Affairs Mission Revitalized By SOCIAL MEDIA ENGAGEMENT

Putting social media to practical use in the legacy media. Missouri Journalism project trains commercial television operators.

Securing the Newsfeed

What are the implications of having someone always watching you watch the news? Find out at the ONA panel "Securing the Newsfeed."

Disclosure: This panel may reveal what we really think about our beats

Danger: Journalists' brains continue to process stories after filing copy about them. Learn why some of them want to expose that habit.

We’re all Hustlers Here: 5 Ways to Growth Hack Your Audience Engagement

We're all Hustlers Here: 5 Ways to Growth Hack Your Audience Engagement


Data helps surface patterns and practices that are a necessary part of the newsroom today.


In 2015, people are consuming content in their social feeds. Being where they are means working without a homepage and still winning.

Content’s Not a Dirty Word: How Thinking Like a Content Marketer Can Improve Your Journalism

Don't scoff at "content": Learn how thinking like a content marketer can transform your newsroom & increase your audience.

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