Los Angeles

How many newsletters do you need? - [Unconference]

  • Saturday - 3:30 PM - 4:30 PM
  • Constellation Ballroom II
  • #ONAuncon

Building off of the one newsletter session, I propose something that would peel off a few more questions on this important topic. This would be for editors who need to make strategic decisions about newsletters and those who write them. Many organizations are trying to reach a range of audiences - with different interests who like different types of content. We know that email newsletters are effective in reaching those audiences and that we need to fill them with good content. But if you have multiple beats and multiple content types, how many newsletters is enough newsletters? And how many is too many? Should they be run by a human or an algorithm? And finally - how do you know if something is a success? 

Maureen Hoch is a senior editor at Harvard Business Review. She is the former managing editor for digital news at the PBS NewsHour and former global web editor for the World Bank. 

The unconference is a chance for conference attendees to propose conversations on topics we may not have covered elsewhere. Topics were pitched here through the first day of the conference, and voting was held on Friday, September 25. Winning sessions held on Saturday, September 26.
Special thanks to TinyLetter for supporting the unconference, and for ensuring we’ll hear from more voices in the programming.

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Maureen Hoch