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Every Publisher is Now a Tech Company: Build or Buy and How and Why?

Publications are now tech companies, or at least, need to be. But should they buy or build? And how and why? Stories from the tech/biz side.

It’s pretty clear that all media companies need to be technology companies. BuzzFeed investor Marc Andreesen says it’s clear that BuzzFeed is a technology company, and it’s current publisher is the company’s first data scientist.

But for publications that aren’t BuzzFeed and don’t have their cash horde, it’s not clear if they need to be builders or integrators – or some combination.

The idea is to have folks who make those decisions talk about how and why they decide what to build themselves and what to outsource. This can be anything including CMSes, dashboards, data viz tools, analytics, ad tools and sponsored content tools.

Additionally, if they do build in-house, how is this process managed and measured?
What role, if any, does editorial have in the product development cycle?

When contracting out, how do organizations find, evaluate and deploy vendors? What role should or does editorial have?


ONA sessions often include cool new tools, but little about how organizations actually make key tech decisions. I think this panel could offer some new perspectives, including those from the new media winners to smaller local sites.


Big New Media Company | Vox/Buzzfeed/WaPo

Local News Site Org | CNHI/KQED/WBUR/CIR

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