Start exercising your vocal chords! The annual ONA karaoke bash returns this year as the conference’s official closing party.

Who: Any ONA15 attendee with a full conference badge
What: Singing your heart out
When: 9 p.m. to 12:30 a.m., Saturday, Sept. 26
Where: Westside Room (Plaza Level), Hyatt Regency Century Plaza — ONA’s host hotel!
Why: Help digital journalists while belting your favorite tunes
How: With great passion and intensity

Space is limited, so be sure to arrive on time.


Similar to last year, this year’s event will double as a fundraiser for ONA. We’ll be using Crowdrise again, and encourage attendees to add campaigns and form teams: ONA karaoke party 2015.

Last year, we raised more than $3,000, including more than $2,500 for former ONA president Jim Brady to sing. He let the largest donor choose his song: “I Will Survive,” the 70s classic by Gloria Gaynor.


Donate to hear Meredith Artley and Jim Brady sing Sonny & Cher at ONA15.


This year current ONA President Meredith Artley and past President Jim Brady will participate in our kick-off campaign. Contribute here so we can hear them sing a duet as Sonny and Cher.

Want to see your boss, colleagues or friends sing the song of your choice? Create a campaign to challenge them on our event page!

All donations are tax-deductible and support ONA general programming.

The event

Donations will only be accepted before the event, so be sure to start now!

Sponsored singers will have scheduled slots for their performance. Everyone else at the event will be able to sign up for a request on a first come, first served basis. In other words, you don’t have to pay to sing, but being sponsored or sponsoring yourself will guarantee you a spot.

How to get started

Start your own karaoke fundraiser!

  1. Create or join a fundraising team: You’ll need to create a Crowdrise account. Click “login” on the top right corner and then “Don’t have an account? Sign Up” at the bottom of the overlay that appears. To create a team, click “start a fundraiser” on this year’s event page. To join a team, click on “join this team” on the team/fundraiser page.
  2. Recruit additional team members: Share the link to your team fundraising campaign on Twitter, Facebook, via email, etc. If you’ve created a team, you can also go to your team page, click the “Manage Team” tab and then click “Invite Team Members.” That will give you a link and text you can share.
  3. Donate or raise money*: If you just want to donate, there’s no need to create an account. Just click the big ol’ “Donate to this Fundraiser” button. If you’ve joined a team, you can share your page and ask friends/colleagues to donate there so you get credit for the donation.

*Note: When you pay, you will see a 10 percent “optional processing fee” included. Don’t worry: You can click on that line to change it to $0.

Event Sponsorship

ONA is looking for a sponsor — or multiple sponsors — to play host to 300+ guests during this exciting and popular event. The sponsor(s) will be included in all promotion of this high-profile event to the ONA community and receives plenty of premiere benefits. Contact Jessica Strelitz at for details.

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