The first ONA-Poynter Leadership Academy for Women in Digital Media, held in spring 2015, unleashed a firehose of knowledge and emerging talent. The instructors at the academy represented a who’s-who of smart, innovative women leaders, and the 25 passionate hand-picked participants taught as much as they learned.

And we wanted to share some of their best insights at ONA15.

A select number of Academy graduates and presenters from the weeklong training will join us in Los Angeles over the course of three days to share strategies and tips, ranging from pitching ideas to negotiating your compensation, and expand the conversation to include attendees. It’s important to note that you don’t have to have a Y chromosome to come away with serious fodder for growing your leadership skills.

Here’s a guide to the leadership lessons coming your way:

What Type of Influencer Are You?

What Type of Influencer Are You? comes with the highest of recommendations from the Women’s Leadership Academy alumnae: CNN Editor-in-Chief Meredith Artley (and ONA Board President) will explore the surprising types of influence you may wield, as well as how to use yours to motivate people and move your ideas and projects forward. If you’re a current or aspiring newsroom leader, you’ll learn how to be a stronger one.

Negotiation, Compensation and You

Negotiations can be one of the most stressful parts of our jobs, so we’ll give a glimpse at one of the top-rated sessions at the academy. Our experienced workshop leaders will discuss negotiation tactics, including when to start the conversation, how to play to your strengths and creative ways to find common ground — as well as that magic number.

Developing Leaders for the New Normal

Fluid is the new norm in newsrooms, which constantly restructure, invent new job titles and juggle high staff turnover. Nurturing leaders and rethinking hierarchy and management skills for an ever-changing culture are a true challenge — but not an insurmountable one. Imaeyen Ibanga, NBC News producer, joins a a cross-generational panel to help us think through Developing Leaders for the New Normal. Hear how both established and emerging executives from start-up, blended and legacy newsrooms are preparing the next-level leader. Come ready to contribute your own thoughts, questions and approaches that worked.

Perfecting Your Internal Pitch

We’ve all had cool ideas for projects that probably would’ve been successful if we had just gotten them past our managers. In Perfecting Your Internal Pitch, Kari Cobham of Cox Media Group will join a discussion about what managers want to hear when a digital staffer sits across from them. You’ll also get tips and learn lessons from successful and failed pitches.

The Live Stream Landscape

With the advent of Periscope, Meerkat, Stringwire and other tools, live streaming has become ubiquitous, both for reporters and the broader news community. Shadi Rahimi, AJ+, walks us through the The Live Stream Landscape, where you’ll learn creative ideas for adopting livestream, as well as workflow for covering breaking news events and the ethical challenges beginning to emerge around user coverage.

Solving for News: Real World Lessons From News Startups

Ever envision a tool that would make a story you were reporting or a workflow you were trapped in so much better? Ever daydream about flipping your desk, walking out of the newsroom and getting to call that person in the mirror “boss”? AllDigitocracy’s Tracie Powell and Rivet Radio’s Geneen Harston join forces for Real World Lessons for News Startups. We’ll hear from an excellent crop of diverse news entrepreneurs on the problems they’re aiming to solve. Afterward, ask questions and get feedback on your own ideas, as well as insights into the start-up life.

Help Us Fund Your Work: Candid Advice from Funders Who Love You

For media and journalism organizations, understanding how to get and keep funding from philanthropic foundations is often a mystery. Academy alumna Meghann Farnsworth of the Center for Investigative Reporting will host Help Us Fund Your Work: Candid Advice from Funders Who Love You, a vibrant Q&A between U.S. funders and grantees designed to shed some light on the decision-making process, as well as offer tips for applying for grants. For-profit local journalism organizations, come hear how you can attract foundation dollars, too.

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