Note: This is fourth in a series of posts written by ONA staff and conference organizers recommending sessions they feel will be particularly interesting. Of course, we hope every session is valuable to the right audience, but with so many things happening at ONA15, we want to offer useful highlights from a variety of viewpoints.

Previous recommendations came from Julie Westfall and Luis Gomez, co-chairs of the ONA15 Program Team, as well as Jen Mizgata, ONA’s Senior Communications Manager.


Jeremiah Patterson

One of the best parts about ONA’s annual conference is the sheer breadth of topics we cover. Whether you’re looking for hands-on podcasting workshops, help with navigating the legalities of drone journalism, advice from funders on securing grants for your projects, understanding and engaging millennials (groan) or practical tips for your daily beat — we have you covered.

But the challenge with such a large program, as an attendee, can be navigating all those sessions. What’s important? What’s related? How do I know I’m not missing anything?

As a visual person, I thought I’d break down my personal picks in a flow chart. It doesn’t even begin to cover everything ONA15 programming has to offer, but maybe it’ll help you find something interesting you might not have seen before. (My session picks are written in blue.)

I’m looking forward to seeing you in LA. And though I’ll be zipping around assisting with coverage from our wonderful Social Curation Team, Video Team and Student Newsroom (and making sure all of their content works seamlessly with our website), I hope you’ll stop me to say “hi.”

Enjoy! (P.S. Clicking on the image below makes it nice and big and readable!)