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News for your Flying Car: Reinventing public radio

Learn how NPR’s local/national distribution strategy is reinventing news and audience engagement in an atomized world of content

Learn how NPR is working in collaboration with member stations to deliver content across multiple platforms to an audience that expects their news on those platforms. At the same time, it is essential to the sustainability of the public media mission that the relationship between audience and station grow in strength – both in terms of engagement and revenue in the form of listener support. Project Carbon is a multi–platform strategy and set of services designed to support experiences that marry technology and journalism that respond to an increasingly atomized world of content while strengthening the relationship with the audience. Learn about how a media network of a national and local partners integrate storytelling into a cohesive editorial strategy that feels seamless to news consumers and holds them close. We’ll show how a top to bottom reinvention of our distribution strategy — from our cloud architecture to our design approach; from editorial production tools to affiliate participation; from identity management to data-driven marketing strategies; from strategic partnerships to business practices — has helped both stations and NPR begin to build a much tighter connection with our audience as they fan out through cars, watches, TVs, mobile devices, and other platforms.


Independent public radio stations are working in close collaboration with NPR to support the public service mission of public radio through a digital transformation. It is not solely the work of NPR or the stations but the two groups working together that will bring success.


Joel Sucherman | NPR | @npr

Alex Schaffert | Southern California Public Radio | @scpr