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Strategies for Building Customized Tools with Tarbell

Stories that warrant a “Tarbell project” generally have exceptional photography, long-form, narrative storytelling, and rich, multimedia elements. These are special projects, but they don’t need a huge team to pull them off. Al Jazeera America created Tarbell templates that empower features and photo editors to build useful, reusable projects with little assistance on deadline, and for code-savvy multimedia staffers to create more elaborate projects. We’ll share examples of how we created some simple templates with a tiny team, and you’ll leave ready to create your own.


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Joanna S. Kao - Multimedia Reporter / Interactive Developer, Al Jazeera America
joannaskao | http://joannaskao.com

Alex Newman - Assistant Editor, Multimedia, Al Jazeera America
alexandranewman | http://america.aljazeera.com/