Los Angeles

Music Journalism and the Beat of Disruption

  • Thursday - 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM
  • Sherman Oaks Room
  • #ONA15music

The internet and social media have profoundly changed the way we listen to music. Artists build sophisticated sites and social presences to connect directly with fans, and listeners discover new songs -- and entire albums -- through SM, videos and endless hours of playlists offered by music streaming services. Music journalists join us to discuss how they and the sites they write for keep audiences engaged in new, meaningful ways -- hosting events and festivals, connecting artists and fans through mixes, interactive features and more.

— This session will have recorded audio


Rebecca Haithcoat - Freelancer, LA Weekly / Billboard / Spin / Instagram Music / Vice
rhaithcoat | http://rebeccahaithcoat.tumblr.com

Senay Kenfe - The Hundreds

Mikael Wood - Staff Writer, Los Angeles Times
mikaelwood | http://www.latimes.com