Los Angeles

Secrets and Lies: What 15 Social Media Managers (Don’t) Want You to Know - SocialNewsDesk [Sponsored Session]

  • Friday - 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM
  • Pacific Palisades Room
  • #ONA15smm

Think you’ve got the secret to success in social? Think again. Chances are some other newsroom has been there, done that. This fast-paced session is focused on the strategies that are paying off at some of the most notable, local newsrooms in the US and beyond. Go behind the curtain to see what tricks are up their sleeves, what lies they’ve been telling and what secrets they’re ready to spill.

— This session will have recorded audio


Kim Wilson - Founder/CEO, SocialNewsDesk
kimsnd | http://web.socialnewsdesk.com