Los Angeles

Whose Idea Of The Future Is This?

  • Friday - 3:30 PM - 4:30 PM
  • Beverly Hills Room
  • #ONA15future

Rapid advances in tech and shifting population dynamics in the United States ensure we are destined for a future beyond current white-male-dominated media thinking. We’ve assembled a group of experts on futurism to look at predictions and possibilities for how our society is changing, and help rethink our approach to media, technology and our communities.

— This session will have live video

— This session will have recorded audio


Teresa Jusino - Assistant Editor, The Mary Sue
teresajusino | http://teresajusino.com/

Sherryl Vint - Professor, University of California, Riverside
| http://sfts.ucr.edu


Matt Thompson - Deputy Digital Editor, The Atlantic
mthomps | http://mthomps.com

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