Los Angeles

Yik Yak, Swamp Juice and the Importance of the Hyperlocal Conversation

  • Thursday - 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM
  • Los Angeles Room
  • #ONA15yy

Yik Yak, the hyperlocal short-form social network, has been taking college campuses by storm since its founding a little more than a year ago, and is poised to emerge as a modern-day town square. You’ll hear from Yik Yak Co-Founder Brooks Buffington, in conversation with the University of Florida’s Matt Sheehan, on how news organizations can monitor and engage in these conversations. You’ll also get a sneak peak at the experimental effort between Yik Yak and the UF’s Innovation News Center to create the app’s first sustained local news and information feed, “Swamp Juice.”

— This session will have live video

— This session will have recorded audio


Brooks Buffington - Co-Founder and COO, Yik Yak
| http://www.yikyakapp.com


Erica Hernandez - Mobile Reporting Specialist, Atlanta Journal-Constitution
EricaAlyssa | http://m.ajc.com

Matt Sheehan - Director, Innovation News Center, University of Florida
mattsheehan | http://www.matthewcsheehan.com

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