Los Angeles

Ben Kreimer

  • Journalism Technologist
  • BuzzFeed Open Lab / Drone Journalism Lab / African SkyCAM

Ben is a journalism technologist and international drone journalism innovator. He is the beta fellow for BuzzFeed’s Open Lab Fellowship, and technologist and adviser for the Drone Journalism Lab and Kenya based African SkyCAM. Ben explores the use of drones and open-source hardware sensor platforms as new tools for gathering data and telling stories. His drone work focuses on exposing and telling stories in new ways through the unique perspectives and visual experiences that only drones can provide. Recently he has been using drones and aerial imagery to turn landscapes and structures into immersive three-dimensional environments for publishing and sharing online. Ben has worked with academic institutions and media organizations including Columbia’s Tow Center for Digital Journalism, the M.S. University of Baroda (India), UCLan’s Civic Drone Centre (UK), CCTV Africa, Times of India, VICE News, The Star (Kenya), African Wildlife Foundation, Kenya Tourism Board and archaeologists in Turkey.