Los Angeles

Damien Patton

Damien is a four-time entrepreneur whose zest for life and passion for problem solving is the hallmark of everything he does. Before leading a world-changing technology team, Damien put his talents to use in some vastly varied disciplines. He served in Desert Storm with the Navy, was the chief mechanic of a top NASCAR team, and even dusted for prints as crime scene investigator. A trailblazer in social, mobile and data, Damien speaks frequently on subjects ranging from social media to location-based technology and is a recognized leader in location and privacy. Always doing things at a fast pace, Damien completed college in under 3 years, graduated magna cum laude and was awarded the dean’s medal. When he isn’t working, he is racing off-road trucks and dirt bikes and never misses a chance to see the Dropkick Murphys.


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