Los Angeles

Soraya Chemaly

  • Director/The Speech Project
  • Women's Media Center

Soraya Chemaly is director of The Speech Project at the Women's Media Center and an award-winning feminist writer, media critic and activist whose work focuses on women's rights and the role of gender in politics, religion and popular culture. She was one of the primary organizers of a successful social media campaign demanding that Facebook recognize misogynistic content as hate speech and is the organizer of the Safety and Free Speech Coalition, which works with social media platform to effect gender neutrality reforms. She is a frequently called-upon expert in the relationship between freedom of expression, violence and gender. Her corporate experience includes more than two decades strategic planning and development in the media, data and technology industries. She serves on the boards of The Women's Media Center; Women, Action and The Media, In This Together Media, Common Sense Media and FORCE: Upsetting Rape Culture.