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Clickbait vs. Impact: Journalism that Propels Change

New kinds of news - where "gotcha" journalism hasn't gone.

Much attention has been paid to new distribution pipelines for journalism and social avenues for audience engagement. But an emerging phenomenon that has gotten almost no attention is the how journalism itself is changing. Simply put, digital-first news entrepreneurs are paving the way for new journalism taxonomies. Some present new value propositions; some offer new onramps for audience engagement. Some of the new journalism classifications include activist journalism (Glenn Greenwald), knowledge-based journalism (Bill McKibben), soft-advocacy journalism (The Marshall Project/ The Guardian’s Climate Campaign), restorative narratives (around Hurricanes Sandy and Katrina), solutions journalism – and more. This session seeks to unpack these new classifications with a look how journalism through different lenses adds or detracts from the value proposition. If you start at a different place – do you end at a different place with your journalism as well? This can be a solo presentation; Q&A with one speaker, or a regular panel.


Diversity of storytelling forms and participation venues is not the kind of diversity we usually talk about. But it is at the heart of many of the new taxonomies emerging. When UrbanMilwaukee.com or PlanPhilly.com write about the built environment, they are doing it through the lens of caring about sustainable cities. Likewise, schools coverage by the TheNotebook.org in Philadelphia or TheCatalyst-Chicago, comes from journalists who care about "good" public schools. Changing the frame of a story can be the baseline for retaining women and minorities who often bring social-change aspirations to their journalism.


Bill Keller | The Marshall Project | @BillKeller2014

Some leading Guardian's Climate Campaign - TBN | The Guardian | @theGuardian

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