Los Angeles

[RSVP] Diversity 2.0 Workshop: Getting in Here From Out There

[PLEASE NOTE: This workshop has limited capacity and an RSVP is required. These sessions are now full]. We’ve gone to panels on improving diversity, heard the speeches and come away ready to do something. But what? This workshop from the Journalism Diversity Project and ONA will go granular in an engaging, interactive format. A moderator and facilitators from a variety of newsrooms will lead attendees through a rotating series of tabletop conversations on how to find and hire your next employees, a lightning talk and hands-on discussions in five key areas.


Doug Mitchell - Consultant/Project Founder, NPR
nextgenradio | http://askcbi.org/nextgeneration

David Plazas - Opinion Engagement Editor and Editorial Board Chair, The Tennessean
davidplazas | http://tennessean.com

Katherine Theranger - NPR

Benét Wilson - Founder/Editor-in-Chief, Aviation Queen LLC
benetwilson | http://www.aviationqueen.com