Los Angeles

Amanda Hess

Amanda Hess is a staff writer at Slate and a contributor to The New York Times Magazine and has reported on internet culture, Hollywood, teenagers and sex for Elle, WIRED, the Los Angeles Times, Marie Claire and the Village Voice. Her Pacific Standard essay on gendered online harassment, “Women Aren’t Welcome on the Internet,” won the 2015 National Magazine Award for Public Interest. Her ESPN the Magazine feature on how female athletes grapple with their breasts, “You Can Only Hope to Contain Them,” was published in the Best American Sportswriting 2014. She is a co-founder of TOMORROW, the one-shot magazine about the future, and a co-writer of Gawker Media’s encyclopedia of lady things, the Book of Jezebel. She also ran the lifestyle section of GOOD Magazine and wrote a column and blog about sex and gender for the D.C. alt-weekly the Washington City Paper.