Los Angeles

Lam Thuy Vo

  • Interactive Editor
  • Al Jazeera America

Lam is a multi-platform storyteller and interdisciplinary journalist. She’s the interactive editor for Al Jazeera America, where she leads a team of coder-journalists and covers poverty-related stories. In her spare time, she plays with code to explore human emotions in data and produces audiovisual pieces to experiment with linear storytelling. She is also a journalism educator currently teaching a courses for the interactive and social journalism departments at CUNY's Graduate School of Journalism. She has spoken and taught workshops around the world, including in Yangon, Myanmar, Paris, France, and Anchorage, Alaska. Previously, she was a multimedia producer for NPR’s Planet Money where she created interactives, data visualizations, videos and photographs to explain economic issues in visual ways and for the Wall Street Journal in Asia where she spearheaded video operations for the news outlet in Asia.