This is the third in a series of blog posts to help you decipher each program track at ONA15. You can sort our schedule by your own favorite track by clicking on any of the gray boxes on the main session page. You can find my breakdown of our Audience Engagement + Impact track here, and on our Developer Tools + Tech track here.

There are so many great sessions at ONA15, it can be difficult to decide which to attend! Here we’ll preview sessions specific to the Revenue + Ethics Track to help guide you in choosing your discussions. And don’t forget, for every track we’ll be hosting Table Talks, an open forum for discussing solutions to a variety of challenges in your area of interest or expertise.

Revenue Here and Now

Revenue continues to be a critical issue for newsrooms around the world. A few of our sessions are geared toward what’s working right now. First, we’ll host The Revenue Review: Memberships, Advertising and Events, a look at the top three revenue streams for many news organizations. Our high-powered, energetic presenters — Joy Robins of Quartz and  Evan Smith of The Texas Tribune — will walk us through each. They’ll then join moderator Kai Ryssdal, host of Marketplace, for a sit-down Q&A.

Another critical revenue stream, particularly for non-profits and start-ups, are the many philanthropic organizations supporting great journalism and innovative storytelling. Get an inside look at the decision-making process of top journalism foundations in Help Us Fund Your Work: Candid Advice from Funders Who Love You. Reveal’s Meghann Farnsworth and The Texas Tribune’s Emily Ramshaw will act as hosts and moderators, ensuring a lively Q&A with participating funders. They’ll be joined by a dynamite crew:

And if you’re feeling entrepreneurial, like you might want to strike out on your own with that big idea, you can hear lessons learned from a number of terrific start-ups, and have the chance to sit down with their leaders for an intimate mini-mentorship Q&A in Solving For News: Real World Lessons From News Start-Ups. You’ll hear from:

Revenue Growth and New Ideas

Like any business, news organizations are always looking for additional revenue streams. We’ll take a close look at them throughout ONA15, starting with Rappler Founder and CEO Maria Ressa in Journalism’s New Role in the Crowd Economy. Maria will explore how the advent of crowdfunding and social participating in news intertwine to create a invested news community … both figuratively and literally.

We’ll also go beyond memberships, advertising and events to examine Revenue Streams Beyond The Big Three. We’ll hear about crowdfunding, finding new audiences and the value of predictive analytics and data stores from Beacon’s Keren Goldschlager, Time’s Charo Henríquez, Predictablely’s Yao Huang and Pro Publica’s Scott Klein.

Legal and Ethics

Questions regarding digital ethics continue to be one of the most discussed issues in newsrooms. We’re pleased to say our Build Your Own Ethics Code will be ready for a beta release at ONA15, and will be part of an interactive ethics conversation led by Tom Kent of the Associated Press, Abe Kwok of The Arizona Republic, Laura Wides-Muñoz of Fusion, and Dr. Wendy Wyatt of the University of St. Thomas.

We’re also examining the impact of the bombardment of graphic visuals from crime scenes, civil unrest and the battlefield on social news-gatherers. In Blood on the Screen: Vicarious Trauma as Social Newsgatherers Watch the Unwatchable, SAM’s Fergus Bell,’s P. Kim Bui, AP’s Eric Carvin and the Dart Center for Journalism and Trauma’s Bruce Shapiro will discuss ideas for what newsrooms can do to better support those sorting through the flow of social media.

And last but not least, we’ll host our perennial discussion of all things legal in The Legal Panel, with practicing attorneys Gregg Leslie and Karlene Groller. They’ll review a few high-profile topics from the past year, and answer your questions about a variety of aspects of newsroom law.

We hope you’ll have a chance to explore these sessions and many others, and use our amazing networking opportunities to meet colleagues who share your passions and interests.

Stay tuned for our next post, exploring the Audio, Video + Photo Track. And see you in LA!