This series of blogs alerts you to new sessions we’ve added to the ONA15 schedule. You can read our first update here, the second here and the third here.

New sessions since our previous update:

  • Millennials Aren’t Just Snake People! Breaking Down The Monolith: “Millennials” are often lumped together as a single, homogenous group — perhaps comprised entirely of snake people.  But new research from the American Press Institute suggests not only do millennials lack scales, they are a diverse audience with different interests and tastes.
    • James Allen, VP Communications and Strategy,
    • Jennifer Benz,
    • Jennifer Maerz, Freelance Writer & New Media Consultant
    • Moderator: Kevin Loker, API
  • Preventing a Memory Gap in Our Digital News Heritage: In a digital newsroom, a software or hardware crash can wipe out decades of texts, photos, videos and applications. Learn how newsrooms are working to preserve their content to keep it evergreen and available to the public.
    • Edward McCain, Digital Curator of Journalism, Reynolds Journalism Institute / MU Libraries
    • Ben Welsh, Database Producer, Los Angeles Times
  • Whose Idea Of The Future Is This?: Experts on futurism will look at how rapid advances in tech and shifting population dynamics in the United States ensure we are destined for a future beyond current white-male-dominated media thinking.
    • Teresa Jusino, Assistant Editor, The Mary Sue
    • Sherryl Vint, Professor, University of California, Riverside
    • Ytasha Womack, Author, Afrofuturism: The World of Black Sci-Fi and Fantasy Culture
    • Moderator: Matt Thompson, Deputy Digital Editor, The Atlantic
  • ONA Local: Creating Great Events for Networking, Learning and Fun: Joined some seasoned ONA Local leaders, and connect with fellow ONA Local members, as we share ideas for running ONA Local events and keep the ONA15 energy going beyond the end of the conference.