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Takeaways from ONA15’s inaugural ‘Table Talk’ session

Journalists share audience engagement and impact takeaways from ONA15’s inaugural Table Talk session.

Facing the Funding Establishment

Barbara Rabb on the funding fight for small news organizations and independent journalists.

What You Need to Know to Create a Mobile News App

Nathalie Malinarich, editor, mobile and news formats of BBC News and Clifford Levy, assistant masthead Editor of the New York Times offer advice on mobile news strategy.

4 Tech Companies Showcase at Midway

Product Outreach Manager Chris Consroe talks about how Chartbeat is different from other analytics firms for publishers, CFO Stacey Espstein discusses Banjo, Senior Data Analyst Jewel Loree explains what Tableau Public is about and Senior Partner, Business Development, North America Steve Gallien.

Highlights from Changing the Relationship Between Advertising & Editorial

Joy Robins (VP Global Revenue & Strategy at Quartz) and Evan Smith (CEO & Editor in Chief at The Texas Tribune) bust myths about the separation between advertising and editorial.

Highlights from ‘We belong here: Pushing back against online harassment’

Panelists spoke about online harassment and how newsrooms and companies need to do more to protect women journalists.

Laurie Penny on the Keynote ‘We belong here: Pushing back against online harassment’

Laurie Penny talks about why companies need to do more to protect women from online harassment.

Career fair offers job prospects

We spoke with Sophie Babcock, a student at Indiana University, and Karishma Asoodani, a student at St. Francis College for Women in India to get their take on the ONA15 career fair. Christina Littlefield, assistant professor for journalism and religion at Pepperdine University in California gave us her honest take, which included a request for more recruiters from more companies. Robin Blum, assistant professor at Ball State University in Indiana, was also on hand, offering information on the college’s online programs.

John Keefe explains why he loves sensor journalism

John Keefe, @jkeefe, senior data editor for WNYC, explains how he has used sensor journalism to create an electric candle.

Keep your job description updated, P. Kim Bui says

P. Kim Bui of reported.ly shares a suggestion from her ONA 15 table talks session about keeping your job description updated.

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