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SWEET. The boss let me dedicate an employee to analytics … now what? - [Unconference]

  • Saturday - 3:30 PM - 4:30 PM
  • Encino Room
  • #ONAuncon

Whether you have a full-time data analyst or an intern who happens to know her way around Excel, all of you ultimately face the same challenge: What the heck should I DO with this position? It’s easy to let your analyst fall into a routine of generating a bunch of boring reports — here’s how to help them go from Excel Automaton to Audience Expert. (Not a manager? No problem - this session is great for analysts, too!) 

Niki Doyle is a content data analyst for Advance Digital, but she didn’t start out as a number-cruncher. She got her start in newspapers at the age of 14, when she shot high school football photos on Friday nights for the local weekly newspaper. After a stint in crime reporting, Niki worked her way up to night metro editor, social media editor, AME of digital content, and, eventually, director of digital operations for the Alabama Media Group. As a director, she developed a method for measuring individual performance in the newsroom, and later used those skills to transition into a broader content analysis role. 

The unconference is a chance for conference attendees to propose conversations on topics we may not have covered elsewhere. Topics were pitched here through the first day of the conference, and voting was held on Friday, September 25. Winning sessions held on Saturday, September 26.
Special thanks to TinyLetter for supporting the unconference, and for ensuring we’ll hear from more voices in the programming.


Niki Doyle