Los Angeles

Table Talks: Audience Engagement + Impact

  • Friday - 10:30 AM - 12:30 PM
  • Beverly Hills Room
  • #ONA15engage

This session is sponsored by Table Talks: Audience Engagement + Impact

Join us for a series of participatory, inspiring conversations on challenging topics in your area of expertise. Choosing from the list below, you'll have the opportunity to join two conversation topics of your choice during the alotted time.

These discussions will give you an opportunity to collaborate with top minds in the field to find solutions and explore new ideas on common issues you face.

Head to the room that has the topics that interest you most, sit anywhere, and our trained facilitators will you give you (very brief!) instructions on how these will work. Room capacity is approximately 400 participants.

Audience Engagement + Impact Table Talk Notes

Note: Audience Engagement + Impact is in the same room as Teaching + Training

Topics and hosts:

Audience Engagement + Impact

  • Read the comments: what newsrooms can do right now to improve the quality of their interactive spaces - Greg Barber
  • What are the most useful ways, from the perspective of both the media and the general public, to publish data-driven stories? In the vein of money-in-politics, is a listicle, a long-form story or a news app best, or something else entirely? - Rachel Baye
  • What are the minimum audience metrics nonprofit news orgs need for funders? What's doable? - Dana Chinn
  • Creating an audience strategy for a long-term project - Anjanette Delgado
  • "I Just Want To Know What's Going On"- How we can explain and interact with non insiders about news and social action - Sydette Harry
  • Increasing traffic 100% by knowing your audience and with your own data - Yao Huang
  • The readers we ignore and the news they want - Damon Kiesow
  • What relationship do you want with your audience? - Andrew Losowsky
  • How do you determine whether your efforts on social are paying off? - Ryan Lytle
  • The role of innovation and experimentation in attracting a young, digitally savvy audience - Jennifer Maerz
  • Community in the time of Terminator: proven engagement models that put tech in its place and help your newsroom "build with, not for" - Laurenellen McCann
  • Engaging new -- and younger audiences -- during the Iowa caucuses cycle demands fresh ideas and approaches - Amelie Nash
  • Content distribution strategies - Eric Neel
  • Audience development - Niketa Patel
  • New Journalism and media - Laurie Penny
  • Engaging digital audiences on the issue of public service journalism (including race/violence, Medicaid expansion, FOIA) - David Plazas
  • More than ever, social media is beating legacy to breaking news. How is your newsroom staying ahead of the curve? - Shadi Rahimi
  • Viral is Overrated: Evergreen stories provide value for years. How do you ID them and make more of them? What're your favorites? - Ryan Singel
  • How do we get more and new eyeballs on our content? - Alexandra Smith
  • Big Listening for Newsrooms - tackling new tools and strategies for social and community based listening - Josh Stearns
  • When the medium is the message: audience development and content strategy for social platforms - Valerie Streit
  • What are reader problems that media organizations can solve with new editorial products? - Millie Tran

Teaching + Training

  • Accreditation: Pros, Cons & Advancing Your Curriculum - Jody Brannon
  • So how do you stay relevant, anyway? - Sara Catania
  • How the internet is shaping identity - Gerald Lane
  • Media Philosophy: The Big Thoughts About Our Industry - Latoya Peterson
  • Creating Change with Journalism - Michael Rezendes
  • Coding Across the Curriculum: How to Teach Programming with Context and Support - Cindy Royal
  • How can digital media save urban high school journalism? - Linda Shockley
  • Teaching tech and management in the J-school classroom - Jue Yang