Los Angeles

Table Talks: Audio, Photo + Video

  • Friday - 10:30 AM - 12:30 PM
  • Olympic Ballrooms I+II
  • #ONAav

This session is sponsored by Table Talks: Audio, Photo + Video

Join us for a series of participatory, inspiring conversations on challenging topics in your area of expertise. Choosing from the list below, you'll have the opportunity to join two conversation topics of your choice during the alotted time.

These discussions will give you an opportunity to collaborate with top minds in the field to find solutions and explore new ideas on common issues you face.

Head to the room that has the topics that interest you most, sit anywhere, and our trained facilitators will you give you (very brief!) instructions on how these will work. Room capacity is approximately 350 participants.

Audio, Video + Photo notes

Note: Audio, Photo + Video is in the same room as Newsgathering Tools + Techniques

Topics and hosts:

Audio, Video + Photo

  • Getting rid of your "radio voice" – trading secrets to help you sound like you and your podcast sound natural and normal (and not like NPR) - Ben Adair
  • But seriously, how do you make money on a podcast, and does advertising even work there? - Justin Ellis
  • WTF is "social video"? And how is it different than "web video"? - Sarah Frank
  • Live video strategy - key tips for a successful stream from bandwidth to subject - Rob Gates
  • How to Podcast - Michael O'Connell

Newsgathering Tools + Techniques

  • Food writing that goes beyond what simply tastes good - Willy Blackmore
  • Storytelling is the most important skill we can have in the news business, yet the fundamentals seem to be never learned, or ignored entirely. How can we fix this? - Andy Boyle
  • Working with eyewitnesses and uploaders in the midst of breaking news, language barriers and the ethical minefield - David Clinch
  • How can we apply the lessons learned from experiments at national news startups to make local news better? - Sharif Durhams
  • The "flood of opinion and false information" is the top challenge facing journalism in general today, API survey says. What can we do about it? - Jane Elizabeth
  • What digital can learn from print: Experiments in curation, serendipity and continuity online - Greg Emerson
  • From radio to online to social to broadcast to print. How can media more effectively give audiences ways to move through and find new content - Meghann Farnsworth
  • Moderation: The New Rebellion - what can journalists do to foster nuanced discussion rather than encourage the "us vs. them" narrative? - Teresa Jusino
  • International reporting: The impact of the digital era on the foreign correspondent. Staying safe amid war and cybersnoopping - Thomas Kent
  • What is the state of data journalism and interactive storytelling in your newsroom? What can we all do better / more of - Scott Klein
  • Drone Journalism: What stories/projects could benefit from or only be told using a drone or drones? - Ben Kreimer
  • Planning a major sports event coverage: a reporter perspective - Mariana Lajolo
  • The role, magnitude, and effects of unlimited and, often unaccountable, money in elections - Robert Maguire
  • Why should or shouldn't professional sports leagues look more to Internet/streaming services to show their games and highlights? - Matt Moreno
  • longform storytelling in a viral space - Amy O'Leary
  • Using handheld 3D scanners to tell stories using annotated models on the web, mobile and VR - Dan Pacheco
  • Behavioral Health Reporting Techniques: Using “The Carter Center Journalism Resource Guide on Behavioral Health” - Stephanie Uribe
  • Want to use a drone? Prepare for a lot of pain - Matt Waite
  • Reporting money issues from census data - Evan Wyloge