Los Angeles

Table Talks: Professional Development

  • Friday - 10:30 AM - 12:30 PM
  • Santa Monica Room
  • #ONA15career

This session is sponsored by Table Talks: Professional Development

Join us for a series of participatory, inspiring conversations on challenging topics in your area of expertise. Choosing from the list below, you'll have the opportunity to join two conversation topics of your choice during the alotted time.

These discussions are aimed at tackling common issues that journalists face, and will give you an opportunity to collaborate with top minds in the field to find solutions and explore new ideas.

Head to the room that has the topics that interest you most, sit anywhere, and our trained facilitators will you give you (very brief!) instructions on how these will work. Room capacity is approximately 400 participants.

Professional Development notes

Topics and hosts:

  • Startup life: freedoms, challenges, ramen, etcetera - Jennifer Brandel
  • Sleepless nights and vending machine diets: Let's talk about dealing with mental illness and being in journalism - P. Kim Bui
  • Life after layoffs: Using tools and perseverance to recover from a setback - Delaney Chambers
  • Hu$h money: Salary remains a much whispered about topic – let's change this. There are tips a'plenty but what's worked for/against you? - Julia B.Chan
  • How social media platforms are dealing with online harassment - Soraya Chemaly
  • What I really wish people knew about diversity in the workplace - Meredith Clark
  • Real talk: How should we navigate our careers. How can we push to get to the next step. Let's share experiences/thoughts/etc. - David Cohn
  • Supporting targets of cyberharassement: tools and services for media organizations - Michelle Ferrier
  • How live storytelling can make us better journalists - Megan Finnerty
  • How media organizations can do a better job of prioritizing diversity - Julia Furlan
  • Am I a product manager? What does product management look like in newsrooms - Brian Hamman
  • How to be an advocate for diversity even if you're not a newsroom leader - Kristen Hare
  • Horizontal Loyalty: Networking and getting a job on your terms, not theirs - Robert Hernandez
  • Changing newsroom culture - what works - Steve Herrmann
  • ::to the tune of "We Can Work It Out":: A real-talk panel on frustrations that writers have with editors, and vice-versa, and how to ease the tension—with special attention paid to freelance relationships - Amanda Hess
  • The politics of personality: using your attributes to aid your organization, manage relationships -- even the difficult ones -- and build bonds - Imaeyen Ibanga
  • Being the only (INSERT THING HERE) at the table - S. Mitra Kalita
  • Best practices for journalists using Wikipedia and open source content - Andrew Lih
  • Hiring, recruiting, retention and career building - Doug Mitchell
  • Tips on working with editorial people as a developer or on working with technical people as a writer or editor - Justin Myers
  • Restructuring the newsroom for innovation - Shazna Nessa
  • The Pursuit of Sanity: Building better workplace flexibility for you and your team - Will Neville-Rehbehn
  • Being intrapreneurial, and creating spaces for staff to do the same - Sarah Day Owen
  • Hiring, technology in the newsroom - Erika Owens
  • LGBT issues in the newsroom - Anthony Pesce
  • What's your best idea to advance journalism in the digital age? Pitch Knight Foundation's VP/Journalism - Jennifer Preston
  • Why do women have such a hard time navigating management in media? - Mariana Santos
  • Trauma journalism, self care for journalists - Bruce Shapiro
  • Titles aren't everything but they can define how your company sees you. Let's chat about the role of titles have & their power in newsrooms - Aaron Williams
  • Career advice for students: How to make yourself more marketable for your first job - Mike Wong
  • Metrics and morale: How can newsrooms design analytics policies that don't drive everyone crazy? - Caitlin Petre